guilty pleasure: a river runs through it

This week's choice for the guilty pleasure movie club: A River Runs Through It, a fly-fishing coming-of-age drama starring a young Brad Pitt and Craig Sheffer, a man who apparently was in a short-lived, not often remembered TV adaptation of Teen Wolf in the '80s. I had actually never seen this movie before, in fact, three out of four of us had never seen it before, and I have to say it's pretty good. I think it's in that category of movies that you watched as a child, despite knowing they were meant for your parents. You know, a middle-aged kind of movie you found yourself liking despite the fact that you were a good thirty years younger than the target audience (guilty pleasure). I'm sure you've seen it, so I'm sure that you remember that there are multiple tense moments where you're sure it's all gonna come to a head and then...well, wait until the next near disaster! An excellent choice for a guilty pleasure movie club. Way to go, Jacqui! We've now covered the remember-you're-mortal drama and the '80s skateboarding/organized crime movie. What's next? Well, actually, that's up to me. Any suggestions?

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