weekend worship

my little friend poet and a stack of books I want to spend some time with this weekend
It's supposed to be 30 degrees (that's in Celsius!) here all weekend, as good a reason as any to get outside. I'm hoping to
hit the beach, weed my garden, and go berry picking (blueberries, maybe raspberries?). I'm also really looking forward to starting a new book, one that I bought a while ago from the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. Worlds Away: New Suburban Landscapes is the book of essays and images that accompanied an exhibit of the same name. I really wish I could've seen this show in person, it looks like it was amazing. I'm hoping to find some interesting ideas that will help me shape my upcoming grad project since our site is essentially suburban. Nerd fest. And since we're talking about the suburbs, if you haven't seen the paintings and prints of Leah Giberson (I noticed one in the September 2010 Martha Stewart Living), you should check them out. Her practice involves painting over photographs of suburban landscapes and editing out the context
of homes until all that's left is an empty, empty place. I like it!

leah giberson's westlake viridian print
This is also the last weekend of the Sadie giveaway on New Canadian Modern. Check it out and enter to win a gold-dipped crystal pendant. Have a great weekend!

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