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Well, I promised a post about dinner last night, so here it is: Grub on Main Street is amazing! This was my third time eating there and it was just as good as every other meal I've had at this great little restaurant. Also Jeff, Camilla, and I discovered that they serve punch. I definitely recommend the Prohibition Punch. Ginger beer, gin and I can't remember what else. The cucumber, pears, and strawberries absorb the flavour of the ginger beer and become spicy and refreshing. So good. You should go before summer's over and the backyard's closed and punch seems like a weird idea. Afterwards we went to see Step Up 33D, which I think got two out of eight thumbs up. You can decide for yourself on that one.

my friend used to live in the place right behind grub. main street has changed.
prohibition punch
the herbivore appetizer platter
the vegetarian entree. this was an amazing dish!
good times with an old friend.
wearing an ugly smoking jacket in portland will apparently get you
a cool sticker like this from fashion-conscious cops. weird.


  1. that beer sounds really good, and the fact that i'm completely parched makes it sound even better.

    also, i love your blog and i love your shop, so you have yourself a new fan, my friend!

  2. Thanks, Danielle. I'm also a fan of your shop and blog!

  3. mmm...that punch looks yummy.
    as does the food.

    you have some really lovely jewelry in your shop as well!

  4. Thanks, Ashlee. If you're ever in Vancouver make sure you check out Grub on Main Street. It's amazing!


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