weekend worship

I can't believe how fast August has gone by, here it is, the third last weekend before school starts up again and I feel summer slipping through my fingers. Not to be so dramatic about it all, but the question I find myself asking is do I make it count, do everything that needs to be done, all the stuff I'd hoped to do, or do I relax, because I won't be able to just chill out for an entire weekend in the near future? What would you choose?

This week was great. Started out with a visit from a friend that goes waaaaaaay back with me and her super fun son. We had many naps, had amazing sushi at 
Iki, went to the Aquarium and hit up Granville Island a couple of times, mostly for the doughnuts at Lee's, a destination that Camilla and I had found the week before. Heather and I highly recommend the apple doughnut. Runner up? The honey glazed. The one that we shared was still warm and had an amazing texture that you'll have dreams about.

Finally, as the weekend started and things settled back down on the departure of our fabulous guests Jeff and I found the time to bake some 
salted butter chocolate chip cookies. Now, I don't say this lightly, these might be the best cookies that I have ever, EVER made and if you bake one batch of cookies this month, it should probably be these ones. This is the first recipe that I've used off of David Lebovitz's blog, and I'm super impressed. The combo of salt and sweet is perfect and I just happened to have a big block of really high quality chocolate in my cupboard (leftover from who knows what other project) and it made these cookies incredible. We used toasted hazelnuts which also had the perfect amount of give and richness to them. Do yourself a favour and make these!!!

After devouring about 10 of these cookies we headed to the Richmond Night Market, which is actually remarkably accessible by bus, where Jeff drank a dessert drink called "six colours". Others indulged in fresh young coconut juice, yam fries with wasabi mayo, deep fried bananas, kettle corn, and nine quail eggs wrapped in bacon. Yum.

Time to make plans for the rest of the weekend. I know it involves a quick trip to the post office to send off the crystal pendant to the winner of the New Canadian Modern giveaway, taking some boots to the cobbler (we'll see how that goes), and hopefully seeing the new Joan Rivers documentary. I may or may not have time to sew something this weekend. My mom sent me a bunch of old pattern books for the craziest stuff: a vest for all sizes, knitted hats, and my favourite: "SheetCraft" (see excerpts below). Perhaps that's all I really need to do to make this weekend count. I feel like if I spent an afternoon Sheetcrafting myself, as the pamphlet suggests, I'd never forget what I was up to in late August 2010.

Vancouver aquarium jellies
jellies at the Vancouver aquarium
Salted butter chocolate chip cookies
salted butter chocolate chip cookies with toasted hazelnuts
six colours
six colours at the Richmond Night Market
Sheetcraft a bedroom, or two!
SheetCraft a bedroom, or two
Sheetcraft yourself!
SheetCraft yourself


  1. This is Jacqui. Those cookies look amazing! Have you been to Bubble World for bubble tea? We should go. They have a really extensive list of add ons. It's really good. I had Strawberry banana with passionfruit jelly. Blair had honeydew with mango stars. Sooo good. And, Joan Rivers is kinda awesome!

  2. Hey Jacqui/anonymous. Joan Rivers is kinda awesome, as we are about to find out in detail this evening! Also you will be helping us eat these cookies tomorrow. Oh, the plans we have for tomorrow's guilty pleasure movie club!

  3. those cookies sound really yummy.

  4. ha. i just realized i used the word "yummy" to describe the punch from your earlier. i honestly don't use that word very much in my everyday life!

  5. i adore your blog! it's so cute! and your header is so sweet! i'm a new follower!


  6. Ashlee: I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to eat so much yummy stuff lately!

    Paislea: Welcome! Thanks for your kind words.


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