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I'll admit, last night required an extra trip to the grocery store due to some impromptu baking needs. I needed soy milk to make the Amish friendship bread that Caroline passed to me a week and a half ago. Now that starter batch lives on with other friends who will spend their days squishing a bag of doughy mush until they too will need lots of milk to make the final product come to fruition. 

Tonight Jeff made dinner, a hardly rare occurrence at our house. Again the recipes are from Moosewood Restaurant Cooking for Health, though I assure you this is not the only cookbook we use regularly. A favourite that we aren't using this week, but do crack open most weeks, is another Moosewood book called Simple Suppers. It's about as good as a cookbook gets. Each recipe takes about half an hour and uses just a few ingredients, though there is likely a twist in each recipe that you might not have thought of yourself. If you want to cook more at home I believe Simple Suppers is a kitchen necessity, right up their with a good Canadian-made chef knife and Hungarian smoked paprika.

Dinner this evening had a nice Japanese flair: soba noodles with tomatoes and green beans with garlic and ginger. Delicious and perfect for this early fall weather. The green beans are from the UBC Farm, too. Here's a .pdf that I have uploaded for you if you want to make this, too! Enjoy!

soba noodles


green beans

Tuesday's dinner

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