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As summer turns into autumn and the rain starts to fall in Vancouver there's a need for delicious, hearty dinners every now and then. Whitewater Cooks: Pure, Simple and Real Creations From the Fresh Tracks Cafe by Shelley Adams has lots of recipes that fit the bill. I was introduced to this cookbook by my very good friend Jill (have I really not mentioned her yet? that has to change!). She made Whitewater cinnamon buns one very chilly Calgary morning and I distinctly remember her windows being steamy on the inside from the baking and coffee making going on and frosty on the outside from the likely -30ÂșC dry, cold morning. Perhaps I'm making this all up, but regardless it really captures the feeling of some of my favourite times with Jill. Of course, we had previously tried to make the cinnamon buns at my house, only to be thwarted by my dog who ate the entire stick of butter we had left out to soften (the dog regretted it later, I think).

So try out this amazingly fragrant dish, the Ymir Curry Bowl, and perhaps eat it while enjoying a new episode of America's Next Top Model or a guilty pleasure movie some evening. Don't let the number of ingredients concern you, there are hardly any pots and pans used, just lots of chopping and that's easy enough to do. Incidentally, what do you use to chop garlic? I use this little gadget that my mom got me, it's called the Garlic Twist and is made in the U.S.A. Here is a .pdf of this evening's recipe. I hope you give it a shot, and if you get the cookbook try those cinnamon buns, too!


garlic twist
the garlic twist

what my dog ate
what my dog ate for dinner. excuse the motion blur.

Ymir curry bowl

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