guilty pleasure: fast times at ridgemont high

Jacqui's birthday

Fast Times at Ridgemont High! Woah! Who remembers that this movie is Dirty with a capital "D"? Cuz it is. Caroline sold us all on this one by bringing it on VHS and mentioning that this movie was very, um, educational for her, if you know what I mean. Things to watch out for: a very young Nicholas "Coppola" (soon to be "Cage") cheering from the bleachers, some of the best dance moves of the early '80s, and, of course, a very young and way too cool Sean Penn. I've seen this movie a few times, but I definitely needed to refresh my appreciation of it. It's hard to believe this movie is 28 years old, but then again, it's hard to believe that Jacqui just had a big birthday, too. We celebrated at Guilty Pleasure Movie Club with a lovely dinner and a zucchini cake with lemon glaze from David Lebovitz's blog. The photo of the birthday girl with her cake might just be the most adorable photo I've ever seen. It's hard to tell whether it's a 2010 birthday party or a 1976 Thanksgiving dinner that's been captured. Next week's choice falls to Ryan, a new Guilty Pleasure Movie Club member! Can't wait!

the beginning
getting started

spicy bffs

making lemon glaze
fresh lemon juice for the glaze

zucchini cake
perfect zucchini cake


  1. i LOVE that movie, and i can't believe it's as old as i am. i know way too many quotes from it, and sometimes i watch just because sean penn is such a treat for the eyes!

  2. woot! these pictures are gorgeous! i love them! i wish i could bake!


  3. dude, i love you, but your ground nutmeg looks a little old. maybe i will get you some new stuff for your 9th anniversary.

  4. No, no, Camilla, it's just the jar. Retro. My mom has had these since I was born at least. The contents are fresh. BUT I have expressed myself on the subject of nutmeg before at length. It is the best spice of all and I would gladly accept anything nutmeg related any time. xo


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