are you experienced?

There's lots of evidence that experiences, not stuff, are what makes people happy. Where do you stand on this? Would you rather spend your money on travel or new furniture? Would you rather work and buy less or do you work hard and reward yourself with new purchases? I know we all fall somewhere in between, but I'm wondering what your thoughts are on this issue. I'm in the more travel and less stuff camp. Well, recovering stuff-addict, maybe. Lately selling excess books, DVDs, furniture, etc. has felt really rewarding. Take a look at this article from the New York Times, listen to some Jimi Hendrix (who died forty years ago tomorrow) and let me know what you think. Experience or acquisitions? What will you be experiencing this weekend?

Here's a blog post that I think captures the spirit of consuming less. I just discovered Cucumbersome and I like it! Hope you will, too.


  1. i definitely think it's the experiences that shape us, not the material things by which we're surrounded.

    i FIRMLY believe that life is too short to work your butt off to make lots of money, but not have time to enjoy spending that money (on travel or things). i think it is much more important to work less & worry about money less, and just enjoy living while you're still able to.

  2. I prefer travel to, say, a new sofa, and the beach and a 6-pack to the bar and $5 drinks. So i guess I fall into the experience camp.

  3. Did I mention Jeff and I are celebrating nine years together this weekend? We clearly think alike on this one and have taken a lot of amazing trips together right from the beginning of our relationship.


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