guilty pleasure: gymkata

I've definitely never heard of this movie before! Gymkata! Jamie saw this growing up and certain scenes have stuck with him all these years. After watching this movie myself, I can see why one would NEVER forget the gymkata expert Jonathan Cabot (aka gymnastics world champ Kurt Thomas) "walking" up a flight of stairs on his hands. The cinematographer (if there was such a person on staff at all) made sure the angles were just right to make that particular scene completely unforgettable. Yup, so he walks up stairs on his hands, pommel horse fights a gang of villagers in the City of the Crazies or something like that (also available on YouTube), and gets the girl, who "has a very interesting background" (actually, she doesn't). My favourite part had to be when a character shouts "Double blackmail!" when he clearly meant to say "Double-crossed!" Oh, and I also liked how this movie had reverse-Rollerball syndrome, meaning it moved so fast that we didn't know what was happening. Watch the trailer, decide for yourself, and if you can't find this one on VHS (like Jamie did at Limelight) then watch the whole thing on YouTube. It's a good way to spend 90 minutes, we laughed a lot, and Jamie truly fulfilled the mission of the Guilty Pleasure Movie Club. Awesome times!

And check this out, too, because it's pretty awesome:


  1. Wow sarah! what a movie, how can we have missed that one?! i will put it on my to see list next to only the strong http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-C03hEmqO8 . maybe that's something for you too? the year 1993, strong men and capoeria. what else is there to ask for a good movie?

    I miss you and your stories sarah so i'm really glad that I can get some blogging from you!

    take care!

  2. Jeff was just talking about that movie! I just watched the trailer, it looks so awful, but you're right, it would be perfect for guilty pleasure movie night! I miss you, too! Wish you could be here for the last year of school madness. We'll come see you in Sweden some day soon. Take care.


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