tender loving empire, portland, oregon

I've been promising exciting Sadie news and I'm ready to announce some of it today! In addition to having a last pair sale on Etsy this week and a surprise post about Sadie on my friend Kait's blog, I'm very pleased to announce that Sadie will soon be available at Tender Loving Empire in one of my favourite American cities, Portland, Oregon! There was a great post on Etsy about TLE yesterday. I am really happy to be a part of such a great shop and to finally be able to offer Sadie pieces in one of my favourite vacation spots. Oh, and the best part, TLE is going to be carrying the entire new Sadie line that I've yet to unveil! Make sure you stop in if you're in the Portland area. TLE specializes in handmade and beautifully crafted goods and I'm sure you'll find something you love. Sadie stuff should be arriving in PDX in about two weeks and I can't wait to visit the store in person shortly thereafter, when I head down for Little Winter. Incidentally, new pieces are also on their way to the fantastic Fashionably Dead in my hometown, Halifax. Look for them soon, too, and check out all of their new fall items while you're there!
one of my favourites: rainy beaded city by tender loving empire


  1. Wow! Looks like a great boutique! Congrats...we gotta get you into Shisomiso!

  2. aaahhhh, as if i needed another reason to want to visit portland! i've never been, but i just feel like i'd love it! congrats, i hope you make lots and lots of sales, and i can't wait to see the new creations!

  3. Thanks Kait and Danielle. Portland is one of my absolute favourite places, I'm sure you would both love it. A really down-to-earth city with sooooo much to do! Movie theatre in an old elementary school anyone? http://www.mcmenamins.com/kennedyschool


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