guilty pleasure: raising arizona

Our guilty pleasure movie club met a little early this weekend, due to other extravagant long weekend plans. This time Blair chose Raising Arizona, which I realize I haven't seen in a long time. It was way funnier and less dark than I remember it being, maybe because I'm a little older since I last saw it and can appreciate some of the clever turns of phrase that are thrown in at a near-whisper throughout. John Goodman holding up a bank insists that everyone lie on the ground while he collects the loot, and as he leaves he yells that anyone who's bipedal in five minutes will be risking their health. "Bipedal"? It takes real genius to use such lofty dialogue and still have the characters come across as imbeciles. All agreed that this was a most excellent choice, an early Coen Bros. movie from before Nicholas Cage got annoying and went broke. Paired with a late summer barbeque feast, this movie is perfect long weekend faire. Caroline picks next, and she promises a VHS choice!

On another note, I bought one of these today and can't wait for it to arrive!


  1. raising arizona used to be one of my favorite movies; i used to watch it about once a week. now it's been several years since i've watched it, but i think i needed a break!

  2. Yes, I had totally forgotten how awesome this movie really is. The movies that I've watched too much however are, in no particular order: something about mary, office space, dazed and confused and wayne's world. I still watch all of them except wayne's world about once a year at least, maybe twice for office space!


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