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ballard antique jewelry shop
The unofficial last weekend of summer has arrived, but I keep telling myself it's okay, because this is it, the last year of my graduate degree and then, well, who knows... I have lots of exciting things in the works right now (not just school work is happening, though that's probably all I should be doing) and I'll be letting you know about them really soon.

My mom was in town for the last few days and we did so much. Truthfully, we spent most of our time in Seattle, which was pretty great. Mom had never been there before so it was fun to show her around and discover some new places with her, too. Highlights for sure are all of the amazing shops in Ballard and Fremont. We also ate burgers that kept us full for two days (I swear!) and had dinner at my favourite restaurant, Cafe Flora. My mom and I found lots of treasures, among my favourites though has got to be the bar of Tallba Swedish Pine soap that I bought on the second day of our adventure.

This weekend schoolwork calls, but a revival of the guilty pleasure movie club and some jewelry making are musts as well. Below are some photos of the fun things that my mom and I did while she was in town. Click on any of them to find out more. If you're in Vancouver I highly recommend going to the Capilano River Hatchery, the salmon are arriving there by the thousands right now, and it's free! Happy long weekend, may it be as relaxing and productive as you want it to be!

capital hill mural

view from the sylvia hotel

le bistro de paris

What does this mean?

Capilano Fish Hatchery

And finally, the perfect late summer in Vancouver song. Enjoy.

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