weekend worship


It has been a busy weekend! Friday was our annual corn roast at school, which included a pie eating contest this year (see the picture of what remained after that above...). We also caught up with some friends over drinks and nachos before catching the last bus home. Jeff and I are celebrating our nine year anniversary this weekend but haven't had time to go to dinner or anything together. Instead we went downtown yesterday, grabbed some lunch at Nuba (which Jeff had never been to before) and decided to buy anniversary watches (!). I personally really love both of our choices and am excited to own my first watch since my last one busted about ten years ago. 

This morning we went out for a late breakfast and walked around Kits before heading home to prepare for the guilty pleasure movie club. Preparation includes getting our homework done, having a nap, and walking the dog, as well as going to the store to pick up what we need for tonight's feast. Not many pictures to share this weekend, but keep checking back this week as the schedule for my blog posts is going to change a little. I'm going to do a new one-off series from Monday to Thursday called "Cooked". Check it out. Also, this time I mean it, there will be some Sadie announcements here in the next couple of weeks so keep coming back!

so cute
oh yeah, and we saw this cute guy, too!

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