the rest of the weekend

Another busy day, another pile of Vancouver adventures. The day began with breakfast at Solly's with my friend Christie and a nice walk home with Jeff and Lola. Along the way we found a cat that Jeff felt could be in the band KISS (link chosen by Jeff), also discovered a little bouquet booth with an honour box. Just $1.50 for flowers, picked fresh from the yard next to the box. It's so amazing to me that it's almost Halloween and Vancouver is still in bloom. We're lucky, it's green here year round, it's just a little rainy in the winter. Finally we met up with Christie again and went to the UBC Botanical Garden Apple Fest. Everything (except kettle corn!) was sold out by the time we got there, but Christie and Jeff still did the apple peeling contest (they fell short by over 2m) and we went on a great walk through the gardens. I love Vancouver on a sunny weekend day!

jeff's favourite

honour box for bouquet sales


ubc botanical garden apple fest 2010

apple peeling contest

Also took care of a little blog redesign and a new jewelry project that is really more of a collaboration with Jeff this weekend. Jeff made an awesome crystal mountain diorama for our house (some swear they can see the people moving in it) and I used some of his supplies to make these necklaces out of geodes. More pics are up in the Sadie shop.

geode worlds


  1. I truly dig the new header. Also, apple festival! That sounds like an amazing theme for a festival. Around here we just have fests for navy stuff, or ships. I'd much rather celebrate something sweet like an apple.
    Love the necklaces!

  2. Peter Criss was always my favourite member of KISS. I've been the "Cat Man" for halloween numerous times! I especially like how Gene Simmons gives a pat on the back to Peter Criss in the video at the end of the song: how heartfelt.

  3. photo #4 is wonderful! great post :)

    xo Alison

  4. Aly: Thanks for the kind words. I used to live in a naval port city, too (Halifax, Nova Scotia) and there were lots of navy and ship-related fests. Here it seems to be all food related!

    Jeff: You are the cat man.

    Alison: Thanks! It was a beautiful day to be in the botanical gardens taking photos.

  5. I am so crazily in love with those necklaces. They remind me of little wearable panorama eggs (not made out of sugar). I LOVE THEM AND YOU AND JEFF ARE GENIUSES (genii?).
    But I would really, really like to see a pic of the crystal mountain Jeff made, even if this is your blog.

  6. I can probably arrange that. They're so hard to take pictures of without a macro lens! I'll see what I can do.And, by the way, they totally remind us of your genius sugar eggs, too!


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