weekend worship

Today has been so busy! A beautiful sunny day in Vancouver this time of year means that you have to get outside. After a great breakfast and finally getting our community garden plots cleaned up (with excellent help from my garden buddy, Sara), Jeff and I took off to Richmond for a long walk with our dog. Before going on this trip I would've said Richmond is a city south of Vancouver, now I would say it's a shopping mall/parking lot south of Vancouver. Well, it's just a little intense on the strip mall development, but there are some pretty cool things, too. Upon getting home (exhausted after a very long walk) I discovered that today was the only day of the Ivory Vintage Market in Surrey. I don't know how I came to believe it was today and tomorrow, but now I've missed it! Oh well, all the more reason to be looking forward to Little Winter in a couple of weeks.

river road

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