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small crystal 1

I came across these absolutely beautiful rutilated quartz crystal points and wanted to make something really striking with them. "Rutilated" crystals have mineral deposits trapped within the clear quartz, creating streaky needles of colour. In the case of these crystals the rutilation appears as forest greens, light pinks, and opaque whites. These tiny points are just 1/8" wide and of varying lengths. Six of them make up a substantial pendant, and they are bracketed by vintage faceted brass beads. I've finished the piece with gold tone curb chain that I got while I was in New York this summer.

large crystal collage
available in the Sadie shop
small crystal collage
available in the Sadie shop
These necklaces are quite a bit shorter than the ones I usually make, but I think the details of the crystals are better highlighted this way. My favourite thing about these necklaces is that each one is totally different from the last. It's fun to put together the crystals on the gold bar until you get just the right combination. 

I'm also happy to have some new baltic birch pieces available in the shop. Inspired by fall (which is quickly turning into rainy winter) I've created these asymmetrical leaf earrings (finished with sterling silver and also available with 14k gold filled findings). Check out the Sadie shop to see more of the new things that I've been making lately. Thanks for taking a look and thanks to all for the great support!


  1. oh my gosh, i love the quartz necklace! it. is. so. beautiful.

    i love rutilated quartz, and it was the first stone i kept for myself when i started making bullet necklaces.

  2. Thanks for the kind comment! I seriously love these stones. They are so much more gorgeous than the photos even make them look!


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