we're going to Portland!

portland road trip
holga portland
We leave tomorrow for Portland with our good friends Ryan and Amanda. Can't wait to eat, shop, and try to find some good precedents for my thesis project! Here are some other things that I'm excited about:

Dirty doughnuts.
And so much more!

Let me know if you know any Portland secrets that I should check out! I'll be back early in the week to share some stories and pictures of treasures from our road trip!


  1. have fun!

    there's a tiny chance i might FINALLY be able to visit portland next spring and stay with a friend! until then, i'll live vicariously through you.

    do you know anabella from fieldguided? she's going to be at little winter as well, and she's completely awesome.

  2. I follow her blog but I don't know her. Hoping to get a chance to say hi while I'm there. I can't wait to share pictures when we get back. AND to do homework in my hotel room while I'm there. :(


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