land art

richard long: a line made by walking

As I've mentioned I'm currently working on my thesis in Landscape Architecture. Yesterday I was researching land artists and came up with some amazing finds that I thought I would share here. Take a look and follow the links to find out more about the artists and projects. These are all so evocative and so powerful. I won't go into the details of the role they play in my project here, but the images and projects were just too exciting not to share. Wrapped Coast is by far my favourite. It's absolutely surreal. I wish I could've walked on that shoreline. Alas, I was -12 years old at the time.

wrapped coast: christo and jeanne-claude

alban biaussat: the green(er) side of the line


  1. Thanks for sharing Sarah! I'm very curious about your thesis! Right now I'm doing a garden on the theme of Burle Marx. Fun! I love him!

    Take care and see you!!

  2. Rebecka! I wish we could talk about all of this in person! I miss you! See you in Sweden?

  3. this is just what i needed: an amazing diversion for my brain! what astounding projects and artists. i am excited to learn again.
    thanks sarah!

  4. Sarah! Ofcourse we will meet in Sweden one day! You are always welcome! Maybe we'll see eachother at the talked about wedding next year?!

  5. Hi Amanda, I'm so glad that you found these projects inspiring, too. I think they're incredible in their own ways.

    Rebecka...how intriguing. I think we might!


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