music for a snowy afternoon

I can't believe that it's 3pm, it's been snowing all day in Vancouver (that almost NEVER happens!), and it's getting dark out! We have the Christmas lights on in our studio and took some time out of the day to chuck snowballs and make a snow...donkey. Why not take a few minutes of your afternoon for this little pick me up:

And remember, the weekend is close!


  1. I love his sweatpants and dog sweatshirt. Not many people can rock that. I'm not even sure he is..!?! Good song! Also, I think it's kind of awesome that you guys made a snow donkey.

  2. He is totally rocking those sweats and especially that dog shirt. I just think this is such a feel good song: lip synching, dancing, sweats, a cat, and a baby...it doesn't get much better!


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