snow is falling and I'm sitting with a pile of sterling silver chain in front of me

What a day! I'm putting together a presentation, doing homework for another class and making a big stack of earrings for the BLIM Market on Sunday. It looks like it's freezing outside, but I can't be sure, because I'm still inside, in my cozy apartment, in my living room/jewelry-making studio listening to episode after episode of This American Life. Here's a little sneak peak of what the Sadie table is going to look like at BLIM this weekend: 

Of course, there's a lot more to it, but I don't want to give it all away before the market happens. I'm also really looking forward to embarking on the Eastside Culture Crawl this weekend. I love the Mergatroid Building on Venebles the most, I think. So many different studios all in one place, and my favourite, Heyday Design is there, too! I think the ceramics are my favourite things to check out. I've tried making ceramics, but I always end up with a ten pound bowl with one side caved in or a hand-built cup that would draw blood if you actually tried to use it. It's not good! I don't know what it is about the pottery wheel, but I just don't get it, so I love looking at things made by local artist who do, totally, get it.

If you are coming to the BLIM Market this weekend, make sure you check out the baking that some of the vendors do. It is so delicious and really beautifully presented, too. I'm going to have some new pieces there, as well as lots of stuff that is in my Etsy shop, like this rutilated quartz crystal necklace, which my friend Carrah calls her "magical pan flute necklace"...we could all use a little more magical pan flute, I think.

I'm especially happy with some of the vintage pieces that I've been able to incorporate in my table set up, and with these embossed paper golden antlers, which I'm going to use as little extras in my packaging. I must get back to all of my work that needs to be done today, including preparing everything for the upcoming Sadie feature on Lune. Regardless of whether you think the holiday season has arrived a little too early, try listening to this classic (1996!) episode of This American Life: Christmas and Commerce. David Sedaris's Santaland Diaries gets me every time. If you haven't heard it, make today the day!


  1. Wow! Looks beautiful! Everything looks perfect for winter and is a little bit Christmas-y. I wish I could come!

  2. you make me so jealous talking about snow!

    your earrings look so pretty on the cards, and i have a deep, deep love for those resette stones(? i think that's what the rock guy i buy from calls them). good luck at the market!

  3. oh, and one more thing. your pictures always look so bright and pretty and i was wondering what type of camera/lens you have? or if you use a lightbox?

  4. Thanks, Kait! I wish you could come, too. Vancouver has really great craft fairs this time of year, and the Culture Crawl is so fun.

    Danielle: Thanks for the kind words. I can't wait to get this first market under my belt. I have a gold (colour is important!) Canon PowerShot SD960 IS, which is just a little wide angle point and shoot. BUT the secret is all in Photoshop, which I've found is a total necessity since I photograph everything in my cave of an apartment. I highly recommend looking into Photoshop actions if you've got Photoshop. These ones are really awesome: http://candimandi.typepad.com/heres_lookin_at_me_kid/2009/11/my-photoshop-actions.html They'll save you a lot of time!

  5. love the necklace! SO classy yet unique at the same time :)

  6. Thanks, Jillian! I'm really loving these rutilated quartz stones these days. :)


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