This time of year I always just feel like packing up and heading out of town. Of course, I know I can't complain too much because I was just in Portland (I took this picture during our trip back to Vancouver, in fact), but perhaps it's the Prairies that are calling me. Or the mountains. It's something all right, and it inspired me to book our tickets home for Christmas last night. I really do love the feeling of getting things together for a trip: making playlists, packing snacks, bringing presents with me for the people I'll be visiting.

You know, I think maybe it's just homesickness. It's been almost a year since I was in Calgary last, and I really can't wait to visit with all of my friends there, bake something delicious in Jill's kitchen (I hope!), meet Heather's new baby, see new apartments, and eat at old favourite restaurants. I just hope it isn't -40 (that's -40C AND -40F!) while I'm there. And that we'll have a chance to get out to the mountains. And that there'll be snow on the ground (we don't usually get snow in Vancouver). Is this all too much to ask? Where are you going this holiday season?

And, by the way, I have some exciting news! Jill at Lune Vintage generously hosted a contest to win sponsorship spots on her beautiful blog and I won! Congrats to the other four winners, too! Make sure you check Lune out and welcome to all who have found me through Lune! I'm really excited for the opportunity and the chance to connect with some new people!

P.S. As I was posting this the weather report came on the news and snow is perhaps in the forecast for Vancouver in the next day or so! Really? We will see if it arrives. Winter is here and I don't really mind! Oh yeah, and I bought the cat print!

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