guilty pleasure: elf

Things are coming together nicely at our new apartment (thanks to many helpful people who sacrificed Sunday morning and maybe a pair of pants to get us moved), but I'm not quite ready to share any pictures yet. However, I thought I'd catch the Guilty Pleasure Movie Club postings up by mentioning that last week we had our Christmas extravaganza. Candy cane cookies, rice krispie squares, delicious soup, bread and cheese, and two different salads made for one of the more delicious dinners we've had (still thinking about "country" dinner, though...). And the movie, a unanimous pick by the whole group, Elf. It's definitely a must-watch for me and has surpassed National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation as my favourite Christmas movie...well, almost.

I know you've all seen Elf before, but watching this clip will make you smile even if you just watched it yesterday. I feel like I could put up almost any piece of Elf and it would be awesome. Here's another favourite:

And, should you somehow have not seen the entire movie, here's a trailer to convince you to go check it out right now!

When I first saw this movie with Jeff and our friends Matt and Jill we all laughed so hard we cried. I think of that original viewing and Jill and Matt every time Jeff and I watch this. It's become a movie that I love watching and that makes me think of the good times I've had watching it...including the last Guilty Pleasure Movie Club of 2010. Well, time to unpack some more and watch another of my favourite Christmas movies: Die Hard. I'll be posting some new stuff in the Sadie shop in the next couple of days and then will be heading off to visit my family over the holidays! Can't wait for snow and mountains and my mom's baking!

By the way, did anyone see the winter solstice total lunar eclipse tonight?


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