bright lights

meat, cheese, and ornaments at granville island
Our apartment is all packed up, my school work is coming along, and I can't wait until, say, Tuesday, when a lot of the stuff I've been working on is complete and I've spent a couple of nights in my new apartment. I'm going to miss a lot about our current place: the dishwasher, in suite laundry, underground parking, a big storage unit, our bbq (goodbye, good friend!), and being a two minute walk from my community garden plot BUT... Our new place is pretty great. I'm looking forward to downsizing our possessions, putting our art on the walls at the new place, exploring a new neighbourhood, and meeting all of the dogs that call our new building home. I'm also excited to live in a place with lighter coloured hardwood and bigger windows and built-in bookcases. Moving helpers have been recruited, school stuff is almost at a point where I can believe it's all possible, and Christmas is really, really close! Can't wait to reconnect with friends in Calgary, see my family, and relax for a week or so. Luckily I had to take a walk yesterday to find some supplies for one of my projects, so here are some photos from that. Lola is a bit unsure about cameras and all of the boxes in our place right now. Okay. See you on the other side of all this madness. Taking a deep breath now...

How do you relax when life gets a little crazy?


  1. built in book cases?!?! omygoodness. yes. good choice! :)
    All of your photos make me want to go to Canada even more that I already did. haha. My husband's family lived there for a long time and it just look lovely.

  2. oh, and a nice bubble bath--although sadly where we are living at the moment we do not have a tub. just a shower. So I'm a bit stressed out. ;)

  3. That picture of Lola is really really cute. That's the same expression she has when we watch Guilty Pleasure movies, except her head would be directly in front of the tv.

  4. Jillian: Built in bookcases! Yes! And other things that I hope are presentable enough to share soon. AND, as per your second comment, a bath tub is a must in any place I live in, and I'm happy to be back in an apartment with a vintage claw-foot tub.

    Calicarpa: Hey, Jax! She totally looks like that, only maybe slightly more hopeful that someone will give her something.


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