guilty pleasure: the wild life

This is a way overdue post for the Guilty Pleasure Movie Club. If you're new to the Sadie blog, the GPMC is a little get together I have with some friends, usually every Sunday, where we have a great dinner together (usually with a theme that can range from "The Depression" to "French") and then watch a movie that we are sort of embarrassed about liking. Usually. Sometimes we don't even know what the movie is going to be like,  most times the movie is actually awesome and watching it again (or for the first time) is pure pleasure, not much guilt. It's casual.

The last pick we had, before we all fell prey to finals and holiday madness, was made by Ryan and it was a beauty. A 1984 barely-heard-of (is that a fair assessment?) Cameron Crowe-written flick starring the likes of Chris Penn (R.I.P.) and Eric Stoltz: The Wild Life. Check out the trailer below. I wanted to post this in anticipation of our Christmas extravaganza Guilty Pleasure gathering. I can't wait to take a break from paper writing and watch what has to be one of the best Christmas movies ever made (hint: cotton-headed ninny muggins!) with some friends. And it's our last chance to host in our current apartment, which has a dishwasher. A bonus when lots of food is being consumed, which it surely will be tomorrow night. It's casual.

P.S. It is worth noting that The Wild Life has one of the most off-putting strip club scenes ever, and not for any reason you might be able to guess at. Let's just say it. is. so. 80s.

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