nights in white flannel

I am sure that it is too late to order anything from this fabulous Canadian company that I'm about to introduce you to in time for Christmas, but New Year's Day might just be possible. Now, let me start by saying that winter is not my favourite time of year. I just don't like being cold! I am barely capable of getting out of bed on mornings when to be on the other side of my Hudson's Bay wool blanket would be to risk certain, well, discomfort. I thought there was no solution out there for my dislike of the cold, until I was in Powell River one fall and discovered Nights in White Flannel.

In my humble opinion, this is the ultimate in Canadiana. I definitely had sheets like the material they make their bedclothes out of and, as is shown repeatedly in their print catalogue, Nights in White flannel is perfect cabin wear. I can certainly imagine wearing an adult onesie (yup, dreams do come true!) at my Grandmother's farm in Nova Scotia. Or at our favourite getaway on Mayne Island. Now, you'll never get a picture of me actually wearing my onesie because although I ordered it thinking it would be fun and funny, it turns out that it is a little more funny-embarassing...but I still love it and do wear it pretty often. Each piece is custom made to fit you perfectly, which means loose and comfortable. I loved the customer service this company provided and urge you all to check out their website. These really are unique and comfortable pieces and I know that if you order something from them you will love it. And that name: Nights in White Flannel? You'll never forget it!

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