let me tell you about my weekend

This post might sound like I'm gushing...because I kind of am right now when I talk about all of the things I'm about to cover. Besides the fact that school is extremely stressful for me right now, I have just had the most amazing weekend that has really helped put things in perspective and has given me motivation to just get 'er done between now and when I hand in my final draft of my thesis paper.

the sadie set up, portobello west
First of all, I did Portobello West this weekend and had a really great time meeting a ton of Vancouverites, talking about the jewelry that I make, and seeing (and tasting!) what other people make. Amazing and so much hard work and fun! Thank you to everyone who cruised our table, stopped to chat, or bought something. Every purchase means a lot and I'm so happy that my work is off to loving homes! And thanks for eating our candy, too...there was no way I wanted to bring all of that home with me tonight!

antique photo from the edmonton antique mall
Last night after the fair ended we went out for dinner with some friends to a restaurant that I'd had recommended to me a long time ago, but I still hadn't made good on my promise to go. Woah! I've been missing out! Check out the size of that dosa. Jeff is pointing at it for scale. And the before and after photos? A little explicit maybe, but I'm pretty proud of how much food we packed away. Saravanaa Bhavan specializes in all vegetarian South Indian cuisine. It's really affordable, central, and delicious. You should really go!

After the craft fair today I swung past my friend Matt's because he finally made good on his end of a trade we made. I gave him a couple of records from my record collection and he made me cookies with pretzels in them. He used pretzel M&Ms, which I think it a brilliant way to make pretzel filled cookies, and I'm definitely enjoying them more than I would enjoy the records I traded! Everybody wins!

AND THEN...I came home and saw this extremely lovely post on Dinosaur Toes. I sent a holy mountain necklace to Danielle as a thank you for all of her support in the first few months of Sadie and certainly had no expectations that she'd share it with her readers! I really love her work, and you should all check out her blog and shop. Her support has meant a lot to me, and if you like what I make, I know you'll like what she makes, too!

One more thing and then, I swear, I'll get back to work (and eating dinner). My very amazing, incredibly awesome babe-of-a-friend Heather just gave birth to her second son! I am so excited to meet him at Christmas and give Heather and Doug and their entire beautiful family a big squeeze (well, not too much squeezing on the baby!). I feel like my family just got a little bigger and the cuteness factor in my life has definitely just been taken up a notch or ten! Congrats a million times over to Heather and Doug and the new big brother. I love you guys!!! I promise you apple doughnuts are in our future!

Thanks to everyone who was part of making my weekend so awesome! I hope that you all had a great weekend, too! Now, back to those CAD drawings for me!


  1. ew, CAD drawings? are you going to school for architecture? my husband is an architect and has made me learn some CAD to help him, and i'll be honest, it's not my thing. i'm too impatient!

    you are too sweet for mentioning me ;)

    i'm glad you had such a good weekend and a good time at the fair!

  2. Oh wow, it looks like Portobello West was amazing, I wish I lived in Vancouver- since I don't I'm going to snoop through your etsy shop instead!

    And congratulations to your friend Heather on her new baby, and to you on the influx of cute in your life :)

  3. Just came over from Dinosaur Toes!

    Your jewelry is gorgeous. You have such a talent!

    I am excited to start following you!

  4. woot!!! i love your jewelry!! i've never visited your second blog lovely! it's amazing!

    allister bee fashion blog

  5. Danielle: Architecture indeed! Actually, landscape architecture! Just two final projects and one semester left and then I graduate. I can't wait!

    Kyla: Thanks for stopping by! Portobello West was great. It's such a huge show, there was so much to look at.

    Cassie: Welcome! Thanks for following me!

    Paislea: Haha, thanks, my garden is as defunct as that blog right now, but I'm already planning next year's plants!


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