light at the end of the semester

the new place could use a little paint; Lola seems to like it
We have a lot going on right now, so I know that my posts and shop listings are going to be slowed a little over the next couple of weeks. We're moving, I have two big papers due (one is my thesis), and I have two jobs at the university that are keeping me busy...not to mention jewelry! So, over the next few days I'll be writing, packing, writing, packaging up Christmas orders, wrapping presents, booking a truck, packing...well, you get the idea. Having said that, there are a couple of new listings in the Sadie shop for items I had at Portobello West: raw garnet meteor and polished quartz necklaces. Welcome to everyone who has just discovered the Sadie blog and shop! I'll be back soon with a special Sadie post. Keep checking in!

Here's a little video tour of Vancouver in the meantime. Black Mountain always reminds me of a certain night next to the Elbow River in Alberta, of all things. A bonfire, a blizzard, one of my favourite nights of all time.


  1. your puppy is sweet, the new place looks awesome :) and I can't wait until after Christmas to treat myself to one of your necklaces!

  2. I can't wait to see how Lola decorates her new place.

  3. Jillian: Thanks for the post on your blog! That's Lola, she's awesome.

    Jeff: That reminds me of when we were at IKEA so long ago and we saw those parents buying all of the colourful plastic stuff and we thought it was for a three year old getting her first apartment. Do you think that Lola would just fill the place with food bowls to improve the odds? And squirrels maybe?

  4. She would want her own car in there too.

  5. Let's say she gets that car running, would it actually be any worse than spray painting bathtubs in the basement?


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