mountain time

This post is going to be a little image-heavy to show you what Jeff and I got up to yesterday and this morning. We're so lucky that Calgary is just a very short drive from Banff National Park and we headed up there yesterday to see the mountains, check out some tourist traps, and go to my favourite rock and gem shop. It was really busy in Banff yesterday, lots of people dragging themselves and their skis back to their hotel rooms. Many a dream catcher was for sale, too. We also came across a mummified merman at the trading post. If you think you can handle it I could share that picture tomorrow. It's kind of gross though.
looking down Banff Avenue to Mount Rundle

Real winter finally arrived and I was very thankful for a touque that my sister knit me and some mitts that my mom made me, considering I forgot to bring a scarf, gloves, or a hat with me. The high tonight is supposed to be -18ºC, with a windchill somewhere in the -25ºC range. Check out the crazy road conditions that we endured on the way back to Calgary. There were lots of cars in the ditch and though visibility wasn't bad, things were slippery and snow was blowing. I wish everyone traveling today safe journeys home. We're headed back home tomorrow and I have to say, I'm sad to be going back so soon. We've been loving the snow, not minding the cold, and generally just feeling a lot more relaxed than we've felt in Vancouver for a long time. I have to try to hold on to this mindset for my next and final semester of school.


  1. Brrr!!! Looks chilly! I couldn't believe my eyes when I got up this morning -- I couldn't even see downtown from my apartment. White out. I love that gem shop too! Did you get anything exciting?

  2. Yes! It is soooo cold out there today! I found some pretty new stones at the gem shop. I got a piece of stilbite for a friend of mine. The info it came with said that it is good for "astral travel"...we looked it up...it sounds kind of scary actually. Stay warm!

  3. these pictures are gorgeous!! i love them!

    allister bee blog

  4. This looks like such a gorgeous day!!

  5. Wow the mountains are truly amazing.. and seeing such that dramatic sight of the Mt. Rundle looking down Banff Ave, WOW. It's breathtaking. I'll have to come back and show this to my husband, Jeff, he would love to see these images too.

    Thank you for posting! Never apologize for being image heavy..your photos are beautiful!

  6. So so beautiful...every post you make has me wanting to move to Canada. :)
    No joke.


  7. oh oh, and the hat and gloves your sister and mother made are just wonderful!

  8. Wichser: Thank you! I really appreciate your comments. My Jeff loves these photos, too. We miss the Rockies so much when we're in Vancouver, the Coast Mountains just are not the same.

    Michelle: It was a great day, but pretty cold! The nice thing about Alberta winter's is that even though they're really cold it usually sunny out, too.

    Jillian: Those knit goods have saved me this trip! I would've frozen without them. I hope I can take some photos like this of my actual home region...there's just something about Souther Alberta that makes it VERY photogenic though!

  9. I just came through that way....gooo. Alberta love.

  10. Yup, Alberta is totally beautiful. It gets a bad rap, but I love it for so many reasons.


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