walking in a winter wonderland: part 2

Here are some more photos from our walk in Weaselhead the other day. We've been trying to keep our lives low-key during the holiday break, so our activities haven't been terribly varied while we've been in Calgary. Yesterday I did, however, get to visit more with my friends Heather and Doug and their two sons and we went to a hockey game. It was a good one, because even though our team isn't doing great right now, we won 5-2 and had some funny people sitting around us. One man told us that his nine-year-old daughter did a powerpoint presentation for him on monkeys using her new laptop. So cute.

The top photo is really neat. Those are all red osier dogwood bushes and you can see how the red part of each branch starts at a really regular point in every plant. Walking through them felt a little like we were walking below the surface of the colour world. Hmm. That sounds flakey, but it was a strange and beautiful experience.

Below is a shot of some feather's that we found. We like to believe they came from a snowy owl. I wonder, does anyone know for sure what kind of bird these would be from? As you can see, there aren't a lot of colours around Weaselhead this time of year, but the wild rose hips below really stood out against the snow. And finally, when you're in the Prairies you see lots of birch and aspen groves. This one looked especially dreamy the other day. I'll share some photos from our Rocky Mountain adventures when we get back to a place with internet access in a couple of days. 


  1. Thanks! Some parts of this city are so pretty they can make you forget about the sprawl for a while.

  2. beautiful photos. love love love these.

  3. Morgan: Thank you. I'm so glad you like my photos!

  4. Really gorgeous photos Sarah! I also like the winter landscape. So serene and textural. It feels like looking at a painting in an art gallery with the contrast of white in the background.


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