an interlude

Apologies for being absent lately. I've got a lot on my plate right now, especially because my parents are coming to visit this weekend and I want to at least take care of some of my homework and work obligations before they arrive. Above are some pictures that I took at the American Museum of Natural History. The object in the top photo is the largest stibnite specimen on display in the world. It weighs 1000 pounds and is the product of some pretty complicated chemical reactions. Kind of amazing, yes?

The last photo is from the meteor room, which was my favourite room in the whole museum this time around. Some of the meteors are so heavy they have to have their own foundation to support them. Anyway, the plan is that over the next couple of days I will be buckling down to get some serious school work done and make sure that all current Sadie orders are in the mailbox in a timely fashion. But I'm looking forward to sharing some new things with you soon and will have lots of pictures from my upcoming weekend adventures. This week can't be over fast enough. I'm thinking about a visit to the Fort Langley antique mall with my mom. Oh, and I'd like to welcome my new followers, too!


  1. wow, i'd like to have that first specimen sitting on my coffee table!

    there are huge chunks of terminated quartz in the woods around the house where chris grew up, and since he knows the people who live there, i'm trying to get him to take me there to get a few arm fulls!

  2. The meteor room sounds like my own personal mecca.
    I see fireballs in the desert all the time...and I contacted an astrophysicist last week to document one gigantic one that lasted over 5 full seconds.
    It was a little terrifying.
    So glad someone else shares the same affinity;)

  3. Beautiful photos! I love your blog and am so excited I stumbled upon it. Inspiring. :)

  4. these pictures are gorgeous! i just found your blog and i can't wait to keep reading it :)


  5. Danielle: That specimen would crush your coffee table, unless your coffee table is a meteor!

    Carla: It is definitely worth a visit! You can touch everything, because, after all, these things have already hurtled through the atmosphere. It's not like a human hand could actually hurt them.

    Renee: Thank you! Glad that you found me, too.

    Jackiek: Thanks for following me. :)


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