missing: the sun

Today it got dark at 3pm again. And it's raining. Again. I'm sitting at my desk getting ready to format my new external hard drive (fun weekend!) and wishing it was spring. No. Summer. As you can see Lola is also pretty fed up with all of the rain and the sun disappearing before 4pm. She just wants to go to the beach. Some fresh flowers in the house brighten things up a little bit for us.

By the way, I took this photo of a cat in our neighbourhood. I'm thinking now it must be quite the trick for it to get between the blinds and the window like that. This photo also contains evidence of Vancouver's "weird shrub" epidemic. I should really start taking photos of all the bizarre variations on hedges, bonsai, and shrubbery that I encounter in this city. Hope you are having a sunny weekend wherever you are!


  1. You should come and document hedge corner!

  2. Emily: Yes, like with a 360 degree hedge panorama.

  3. Hello:)
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment and becoming a follower. I am now a follower of you lovely blog as well.:)
    Have a great day!

  4. Where is hedge corner? I want to see it!

  5. Here in Bogor, city where I live, sun doesn't shine whole day sometimes.
    It's rainy season and rain is my good friend. There's no beach near my city, only buildings, and malls, and public transportation *boring! Bohooo*

    I found your via Etsy.
    Really lovely shop and blog.

  6. Emily & Laura: Wait until you see the hedge that Sara O. sent to me. Amazing! I'll post it here if she sends me a good image.

    Salina: thanks for stopping by and for your kind comment.

    Dita: It rains here for days on end sometimes, too, but you're right, we have beaches and mountains, too. And public transit!

  7. I think everyone is feeling a little blue right now.
    I've decided I look way better in the summer,...which means that I am spiraling into seasonal depression a little late this year (woohoo!) and maybe I'll remedy it by sitting under a light for 30 minutes a day and take extra vitamin D.
    But I've derailed again.
    Around the corner;)

  8. omg. it's so true about the shrubs in vancouver. a whole blog could be dedicated to them. if it makes you feel any better, it's -14 in montreal right now.

  9. I'm with ya--I could use the sun right now too.
    The beach sounds specifically wonderful.
    I'll probably have to settle for a movie with a beach in it.

  10. Carla: It's truly uplifting to think that summer might not be too far away. I hope the rest of this winter goes quickly.

    Kittenrocket: That DOES make me feel better. Sorry for your pain, though.

    Jillian: Yes, no sun today again. I guess we could still go for a walk at the beach, but I'm too lazy. Beach movie sounds like a plan. I'm thinking...well, I don't know. Maybe just some old episodes of Saved By the Bell.


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