a few new things...

I have been making some new pieces for the Sadie shop this week using some amazing quartz stones. The first one is a substantial polished quartz point on a beautiful Japanese 14k gold rolled chain from my New York trip. I love this chain so much and sadly I've almost run out of it. Perhaps I'll just have to back to New York someday soon to get more. Just kidding, I'm much more likely to swing a mail order than another cross-continent trip any time soon.

The second photo shows some of the clear, white and black rutilated quartz that I've been lucky enough to get my hands on. I love the variations in these stones and the fact that they are double pointed. They remind me of Herkimer diamonds and are just so unique.

Finally I'm able to post one more pink and green rutilated quartz necklace. I'm hoping to locate more of these teeny tiny amazing crystals soon, but until I track some down, this is it. One of my friends called this the "dirty crystals" necklace while another called it her "magical pan flute" necklace, either way, it's one of my favourite Sadie pieces. Everything will be posted in the Sadie Etsy shop later this afternoon, if it's not already there. There are silver pieces, too, if you're not the gold type. And just seven more sales until the win at one hundred contest happens! If you've purchased something from the Sadie shop you're already entered. Thanks, everyone! Have a great weekend!


  1. your jewelry is so amazing!

    <3 Sarah

  2. I LOVE these! I must get my hands on the last necklace it's perfect!

  3. sarah, your jewelry is so pretty! i swear once my husband gets his company gong, i'm definitely going shopping in your store!

  4. these are gorgeous :)

  5. Danielle, let me just say that I really hope that you DID mean company gong, because that is intriguing and awesome. Thanks for all of your support and sweet comments. :)

  6. There is something so magical and beautiful about quartz. I absolutely love this first one!

  7. Sarah: Thank you so much!

    Jihee: Those pink and green quartz points are totally aweosme! I'd be so happy to know they were off to a good home!

    Nadiine: Thank you! Great blog post today, btw!

    Holly: I love how many different types of quartz there are and the stones with imperfections are my favourites.

  8. Your jewelry is beautiful. I am AGAIN in love with another piece, that last one photoed. I think soon, I have to buy something before it's gone! :)

    P.S. (late response) I have never been Union Pool bar in Brooklyn before, but now will have to see what that's about. Also, yes the street art there is awesome and would love a day to just photograph some of them! I hope you do get to come back very soon :)

    Also, I was really happy to know that you spit oreo all over your computer from reading those auto correct things!! hahhahaha that definitely made my day

  9. so lovely! i agree that chain is pretty special.

  10. The necklace in that bottom photos is just stunning.

    Thank you for following/commenting on my blog! I am a new follower of yours as well. :)


  11. Gale: Union Pool is awesome. They don't have food so they have a taco truck in the backyard. Also a photobooth! We went there with a whole heap of Canadians this summer and felt like locals...even though we knew no one from NYC at all! Jeff and I are kinda obsessed with that website you posted now. Thanks. For real!

    Grace: Thank you!

    Melissa: Thank you. I adore those stones, I just hope I can find more of them someday. They are so unique and I have lots of things I'd like to use them for. :)

  12. I love this necklace!! It's beautiful!

    I received my garnet necklace in the post today! I can't believe it got here so quickly!
    It's wonderful and I love it so much :)
    I can't wait to wear it. Thanks again for trading with me. Hopefully the package I sent you will be with you soon!


  13. Lauren: So glad that you got your necklace! Can't wait to get my package from you. That was fast shipping. I hope you get to wear that necklace all the time! :)

  14. Your pieces are so unique...Would love to show them off at http://www.handmade-jewelry-club.com/



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