weekend worship: rabid raccoons and six-headed cats

My parents were in town this weekend and they stayed at a beautiful historic hotel across the street from English Bay. It rained through most of their visit, but luckily Sunday was gorgeous and we were able to get out for a little walk in Stanley Park, one of the best places to appreciate everything we have here in Vancouver. Which apparently includes a large population of rabid raccoons. In fact, my parents stayed on the third floor in the Sylvia and had raccoons outside their window every night except the one that I was there waiting to see them. Darn!

Not to upset Canadians living elsewhere or anything (just think of your cheap rent!) but yes, these pictures were taken at the end of January. You've gotta love it here. Flowers are popping up everywhere and spring is in the air...not to mention the fact that the sun has been making occasional appearances, too.

Below is a six-headed cat ring that I scored with my mom at a thrift store this weekend. It's sterling, too. Don't worry, I got a pretty good price. More apartment pictures to come tomorrow. 


  1. your photos of vancouver are gorgeous as always, I especially love seeing those mountains! i also love that cat ring, what a great find. funny, i scored cat jewelry as well this past weekend thrifting. i actually only recently became a cat person (due to my first ever pet cat,louie) and am surprised now to be so drawn to kitty items! maybe i will post it up soon.

  2. 1. thanks for your nice comment!
    2. r.b.f. is supercool
    3. i am totally jealous of your weather
    4. the six-headed cat ring is to die for
    5. i just noticed you are studying landscape design. i just finished a master's in urban design. i wish it was in landscape design. good luck!

  3. vancouver looks sooo beautiful! i definitely am jealous...people come to california to escape the cold, but i feel like its one season all year round :( i prefer cold weather anyways.

    i seriously love the cat ring. never ever seen anything like it!

  4. I love the cat ring! Am I the only one that finds raccoons cute? I always look for them

  5. Gale: Thank you! Glad you noticed the mountains. They're gorgeous right now. I'm not really a cat thing type of person, but every now and then I can be convinced if it's weird enough.

    Kittenrocket: Thanks for you comment! Sounds like we have a lot in common!

    Katie: I'd like to say the cat ring is one of a kind, but the stampings on the inside lead me to believe there must have been a bunch of them at some point. There's a copyright sign and a dollar sign. Weird.

    Grace: I think they're pretty cute, too!

    Jazzy E: Thanks for following!

  6. Really lovely photos! What a find with the ring -and it fit!

  7. Tribal: I know! The fitting thing might be the craziest part!


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