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Sadly I already wrote this post once and somehow lost my draft of it. I'm putting that aside now though and am excited to share some more views of our apartment with you. Above is my neighbourhood in 1890 and the same area now. 120 years has brought a lot of change to Vancouver. If you have access to your local archives you should take a look at some photos. They're usually mostly available online and it's amazing what you can learn from looking at a few pictures of The Olden Days.

Looking at these photos I realize that Jeff and I barely ever buy furniture new. Everything in this photo is stuff that was given to us, from Craig's List, or that we bought second (or maybe fifth) hand. Even Lola. Well...it's true! She's from the Cochrane SPCA in Alberta. And just so you know, she is just trying to look depressed to get a second dinner.

Above is a plate that reminds me of our awesome time in NYC last summer, along with some vintage garden design books my mom brought me this time around. Below is a black and white poster that I made out of one of my photos from Amsterdam. I did a design studio there for five weeks two summers ago and brought my awesome wide angle Canon point and shoot with me. Next time I make a poster I'm going to be sure to leave a white border. I think it looks better that way. This one is about two feet by four feet.

Geodes, specimens of quartz and desert roses, some pine incense, and a loupe. The beginnings of a cabinet of curiosities, really, though my Northern Flicker wing and fox faces aren't there. The photo I gave to Jeff for his birthday last year. Yup, that dude is giving the deer a piggyback ride! But, I also think he just killed the deer, despite the fact that it looks so alert there in the background.

Below you can see our collection of travel and nature guide books. We like to go places and look at trees  and birds. The truth is out! I wish we could head out on a trip sometime soon. I think I'd go to the southern U.S. somewhere. My sister is going to New Orleans soon and I'm jealous. Where would you go if you could leave tomorrow?


  1. I love your apartment tour snapshots. It is a lovely place -- the builtins are fantastic. You really do have some amazing treasures! Byron and I are still working hard on a couple more things and soon I will be able to share some photos too! I wish you lived in yyc so you could come to our housewarming -- 1960s parisan! I'm teaching myself how to make macarons this weekend!!!

  2. Also, I love the poster you made! It is beautiful! You should be putting those on Etsy too!

  3. i love this post!!!!!
    Your apartment is so amazing! love all the special touches!

  4. I love your blog so much (after being on it for like 5 seconds) i've posted about you,

  5. Your place is lovely!
    Your Lola reminds me of mine. She was always looking for a second and third dinner.
    Oh, and I am going to email you a question I have for you or direct message on twitter...so be on the lookout!

  6. Kait: I can't wait to see what you do with your new place. I'm sure it will be lovely. I also wish I could come to your housewarming party, though I have to say that your weather makes me wish that you lived here in Vancouver! Posters are part of my plan for after school ends. Thanks for your encouragement!

    Brandi: Thanks! It has a lot of character and we love it.

    Jazzy: Thanks for following and for blogging about Sadie! Welcome!

    Carla: Thank you. You had/have a Lola, too? We caught ours eating paper that smelled like chocolate tonight! Ridiculous!!! I'm intrigued about this question. Send it!

  7. Just found your from Jazzie!:) And of course, you gained one more follower -if that counts in any way!:) Hugs from Athens!:)

  8. I would lovee to run away and hide in Point Roberts, I'm such a nature nut, I swear. Beachcombing is my thing. Love the place Sarah, it looks great! I have always wanted a historic apartment, yours is great. Btw, some people say that pets are the best home accessories - they make everything look cuter :)

  9. sarah, everything about you is awesome! i've gotten so behind on blog reading, but i'm glad i saw this one because i love your apartment! it kind of makes me want to clear out some crap and paint my walls white.

    it's funny that you mentioned you never buy new furniture, because just last week wneh i was talking to carla i was telling her that sometimes i look around my house and realize that pretty much everything has come from a thrift store or antique store. oh well, you can't beat the price!

    also, chris and i even plan which birds we're going to look for when we take a trip, so i love that you guys bird watch when traveling as well!

  10. I LOVE the picture at the top of what your neighborhood used to look like. I wish I could find one like that of ours! I also really enjoyed the tour through your apartment... it's so homey and eclectic - love that! :)


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