win at one hundred

The Sadie shop is about to hit a landmark: 100 sales! As a thank you to everyone who has supported my shop in the first year of Sadie I'm hosting a contest. Anyone who makes a purchase before and including my 100th sale will be automatically entered to win a free item from my shop. I will choose the winner randomly and will contact the winner via Etsy or e-mail and post the results here on the Sadie blog. Good luck!


  1. how exciting! congrats on hitting 100 sales. happy 2011. xo

  2. Happy new 2010 Sarah!! I'm so glad that I can follow your adventures! It feels like I have a bit of Vancouver here with me in Sweden. I cant believe it was one year ago I first sat my foot in the Studio with you and the classmates! I would like to thank you for making my semester at UBC so special and for brining me to all these amazing places. I have so many wonderful photos that I wish to send to you some day!

    And I think i have to purchase something from your shop since i recieved some money for christmas and now seams to be the time! I'm so happy that everything goes well for you even though I don't understand how you manage all your various projects! You are a great inspiration!!

    With hope to see you soon!!
    Big hugs from Rebecka

  3. Happy New Year! Congratulations my dear. That's such a great way to begin 2011. :)

    - Grace

  4. Wishful: Thanks, Happy New Year to you, too!

    Rebecka: This is such a sweet comment! Thank you so much for following my adventures via my blog. I think one of my favourite pictures of your Canada time has to be the one of you and a pickled egg. It was great having you around, I wish you hadn't had to leave us! It would be amazing to see you soon. Either here or in Sweden!

    Grace: Thank you! Happy New Year to you, too!


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