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In my undergrad I studied printmaking and fell particularly in love with etching. There is something very Zen about printmaking: inking the plate, soaking the paper, and turning the press over and over to produce your edition. I was lucky to have access to a great studio and a great printmaking mentor. We had a lot of fun in those classes, with themed critiques and a lot of opportunities to share our work with each other. Above is a pretty old etching that I made (2006?) in school, I can't remember what it was called...

My love of copper as a material has led me to do some research on how I might be able to incorporate my old printmaking plates into Sadie jewelry. I think I've discovered some ways I might use my etched plates to create unique pieces, but in the meantime, I'm excited about these freeform raw copper pendant necklaces that are now in the Sadie shop. Each piece is one of a kind and over time they'll develop a natural patina or you can shine them up with a little Brasso now and then. The black gunmetal chain makes them particularly striking and I have to thank Jeff for that suggestion. I really love working with copper and am excited about these new pieces. I hope that you like them, too.


  1. Thank you. I wish I had a picture of the edition of hand painted prints I made from this plate.


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