five friday favourites

custom crochet covered river rock by stitch happens!
Lately I've been loving crochet and filigree textures. I'm convinced I'm interested in crochet not just because of the flexibility of the medium, but because I'm also terrible at it. What might look simple to someone who can crochet looks like an impossible magic thread creation to me. These crochet pieces are among my Etsy favourites right now. And filigree? In jewelry, housewares, and vintage frames it has such a delicate and vintage feel. Again, it's a texture thing and I also think crochet and filigree evoke warmer temperatures and summery light. That said, it's so freezing in Vancouver that I practically need to be wearing gloves in my apartment while I write this and I could really use a big crocheted afghan right about now (I might choose THIS one).

I got really inspired by a lecture about design at school today and for the first time in a couple of weeks I can't wait to get back to work on my grad project. That's what I'm doing this weekend, what about you? I hope you have a great Friday evening, don't forget to enter my getting to know you giveaway if you haven't already! Oh yeah, I want to mention that I love reading all of the fun facts you have left in your comments! We're going to have to do this more often!


  1. ohhhhh, that tablecloth! it's the loveliest. Unfortunately I am certain that I'd spill coffee and/or red wine on it within days.

  2. i love all of your finds, and i love the theme you've chosen! there are so many amazing things to find online, i just wish i had more time to search for them. thanks for giving me a few new favorites!

  3. These are really great finds. I have about a thousand ways to use that basket at my house. Hmmm...

  4. Those are all beautiful. I'm particularly fond of the tablecloth and the river rock.

  5. Hi Sarah, I saw you on UEF. Are these your photos? I love them. Your blog is very fresh and bright. That tablecloth reminds me of one I used to have but no longer. So pretty against the wood.

  6. i have a soft spot for crochet creations because it's my mom's favorite method of relaxation. oh to have learned! that and her cooking (it's a shame i didn't learn while i lived at home because she is the best cook!)

    i'm in search of a pretty throw to put on our couch and i've been leaning towards something crocheted.

    isn't the feeling of being inspired (in class or anywhere) exhilarating?

    off to put my name in the tin of chance!

  7. crazy cool river rock cover, i am completely inspired since stumbling into your wondrous blog and totally dig the crochet feature that tops the list today.

    are you ever right about the brrr-eezy temps in our neck of the woods, the boyf told me it might snow today. what? yipes.

    your photo of Science World with all the heart bokeh's is ace lades! we live right by there and it's rad to discover a fellow Vancouverite. all the pics you've taken from around our hood are gorgeous for me to see through your eyes and lens.

    you & Jeff are adorable together, i was reading the false tooth drinking debaucle and almost rolled off my chair with laughter! girl, oh nos!!!! i'm sorry to laugh but at least that one can just be chalked up to another "remember when" moment now.

    and omg i love Lola, she's a beaut!!! i always wanted a border collie, they are my fave but we don't have the space for one yet...one day i hope! happy weekend wishes, so glad i found you. ♥

  8. Beautiful collection! I wanted to learn to crochet originally but since I was teaching myself, I couldn't pull it off. So I taught myself to knit instead, lol. :)

  9. Clare: I know, especially since the spaces between crocheted bits would really throw off a wine glass's balance. It is pretty though!

    Danielle:Etsy addiction is a terrible time consumer! It's best to let others take the risk of signing in and looking for you! :)

    Lulu: That basket is pretty unique! Wouldn't it be a nice thing to have around?

    Jacqui/calicarpa: That table cloth is from France, too! I love that sellers shop and bought something really amazing from her a few months ago. You should check it out!

    Dressed: These are not my photos, but were taken by the Etsy sellers credited under the pics. The rest on here is mine, though, unless otherwise stated. Thanks for coming by!

    Micaela: Thanks for adding my giveaway button to your blog! On days like today I especially need a thick throw to curl up under. The heat of my laptop sometimes worries me, but I can admit to also using it like a fireplace to warm myself!

    Lynn: Woo! Fellow Vancouverite! Glad you found me, too! Thanks for all of your kind comments! Lola is totally the best. We went on a two hour walk today in the freeeeezzzzing cold and now are both trying to warm up again. Actually, she's sleeping. L-A-Z-Y. Stay warm this weekend!

    Oddity: Thank you! Knitting is more straight forward I think (literally) and I love it, but crochet has a certain sway for me. Again, I think it's because I just never got the hang of it! Have a great weekend!

  10. Love all the things you found! The table cloth is my favorite. It's so lovely!

  11. Hi Sarah!

    Thanks for the kind words you left us! You have such an AMAZING blog and you're designs are so stunning! You are a very talented lady.

    The girls of Oh So Lovely

  12. I'm learning how to crochet, so I appreciate the inspiration! Lovely blog.


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