weekend worship

This is not what the weather is supposed to be like in Vancouver in February! Okay, my friend Jacqui warned me that there was going to be more snow and more cold this month, but I looked at the cherry blossoms and daffodil buds and thought to myself, "Don't think so!" She was right! It is freeeeezing outside and even a bit cold inside (we live in an old building) and I want to do nothing but watch movies and drink coffee this weekend.

But, for Lola's sake and my own sanity, this morning we went on a long dog walk with my friend Emily and her dog, Hazel. We mostly stuck to the forest where the big trees kept us sheltered from the wind and snow. Hardly anyone was on the trails, we ran into just a few joggers. I suppose everyone is hiding under blankets at home waiting for Hockey Night in Canada to start. Our walk ended by the ocean, so grey and epic and beautiful. We found this strange shrine at the end of our walk. We've been finding weird things on the beaches of Vancouver together these past couple of weeks. Here are some photos for you so that if you live in Vancouver you know what it looks like out there but you won't actually have to go out yourself. Isn't Hazel adorable? I like her attitude about life: happy and excited! Stay warm!


  1. I love your beach in Vancouver. It is so beautiful, yet I swear I could feel the chill! The shrine is beautiful, yet hauntingly eerie.

  2. Ugh, your photos make me miss living on the coast!! I also really miss the ocean, even on cold days! You're lucky to live so close to it =)

  3. such gorgeous photos, and such a cute pup!

  4. Oh my god, are you kidding me? These photos are GORGEOUS. They remind me of Lake Erie in super super early spring.

  5. i love hazel. love, camilla

  6. sounds like an awesome day you had. it's so uplifting to be by the water. these photos are gorgeous! i love the last photo of the shrine.

  7. Della: Yes! We have wonderful beaches in Vancouver, everything from downtown down-and-out beach party spots to nude beaches at the University campus. Summer is great here!

    SaraJaneForever: I love the ocean any day. Living near it feels like a must for me at this point.

    Little Tree: Thank you! Hazel is super cute in action, too. Crazy energy!

    Demandablog: It's definitely super early spring here right now. I love the ocean on days when the sky and water are indistinguishable from one another. A sheet of grey.

    Camilla: I love you! Come visit me and I'll introduce you and Hazel. xoxo

    Gale: Yup, the fresh air and exercise is the right way to start any weekend.

  8. gorgeous photos, sarah!

  9. wow, that second picture, seriously, it needs to be hanging on my wall!

    the weather has been crazy here. two days it'll be in the 70's, then next thing i know it's back to 40 degrees. it's crazy! my house is cold too, not because it's old, but because the insulation is just crappy!

  10. LOVE all these photos sarah! my goodness, so crisp and clear and pretty, cannot stand it. and that's pretty interesting, about finding all the shrines out on the beaches. i wonder if it's a part of an upcoming project or something..? interesting! also, so brave of you and kind to lola to go out into the chilly weather when it was a perfectly good movie day! one of my favorite posts from you, for sure. :]


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