guilty pleasure: project grizzly

Not to be confused with Werner Herzog's Grizzly Man (2005), Project Grizzly is Canadian documentary about a dude from Northern Ontario who has some unfinished business with a grizzly in the Alberta Rockies. Essentially, this guy had a life-changing encounter with a bear he calls "Old Man" and it seems, to me at least, that he would like to re-live it, but from within the safety of a grizzly-proof suit. The movie is about Ursus Mark VI: the sixth iteration of the suit. Highlights include several montages of the various suits being tested over the years. Some of the tests they put the suit (and the designer) through are totally brutal and will crack you up, despite the fact that the inhabitant of the suit seems to run the risk of being seriously injured by the experiments.

If you're new to the Sadie blog, let me just mention that this post is part of a great weekly tradition Jeff and I have with some friends to get together, eat a great dinner, and watch a guilty pleasure movie of someone's choice. Tonight was a special night for the GPMC because our pal and connoisseur of fine film, Caroline, is heading out on an adventure, and Project Grizzly was her last pick (for now?), and a fitting choice it was! I know that we all wish her the best, will miss her and her movie choices, and hope that she rides the thunder in all of the places she'll be visiting! Great pick, Caroline, loved the Canadian-ness of this movie! Have fun for us while you're criss-crossing the continent and if you do start another branch of the Guilty Pleasure Movie Club keep us up to date on your picks, oh, and avoid "waffles" as a dinner theme. Still afraid of that night.


  1. I loved this movie!!

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  3. Great pick Caroline! This is one of my favourite movies too. Lots of love on your next big adventure up North!

  4. Laura: This movie is totally awesome! I think you can watch the whole thing on YouTube, too!

    Jax: I miss you! Let's hang out soon!!!


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