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This week's Guilty Pleasure Movie Club theme was romantic comedy. Jacqui brought along three choices that fit the bill: Splash, Overboard, and Roxanne. Well, you can tell from the title of this post what we chose. Was it a good choice? We'll never really know. We watched all of the trailers and I'm still at a loss about which of these movies would have been the best. Truthfully, Roxanne was pretty good and they all have things in common with one another: Daryl Hannah, the ocean, and, of course, unrequited love. Or misunderstood love.

Have you ever seen Roxanne? It's pretty weird. Steve Martin stars as a large-nosed fire chief goofball with a crush on an astronomer named Daryl Hannah, I mean, Roxanne. Can he get the girl despite his physical appearance? You'll have to watch it to see. The thing I enjoyed the most about this movie was that it was filmed in Nelson, BC, which acted as a stand-in for a small American mountain town creatively named "Nelson". Jeff used to live in Nelson and he has given me permission to tell you a story about a job he had there.

Jeff was living in Nelson to be with mountains and snow (he was really into snowboarding at the time) and he needed a job. He went to a local hotel where they told him they didn't need housekeepers at the time, but they did need a server in the bar. He said he'd be interested and showed up the next day at 10AM. Around 11:30AM the bar started to fill up with the lunch crowd. As Jeff was picking up drinks from the bar a woman walked on stage wearing a robe, was introduced, and began to strip...much to Jeff's surprise. He had no idea that the bar was a strip club, and to this day he has no idea why they hired a male server. He says his tips were pretty bad. I think it's totally hilarious and kind of unbelievable that he didn't know the place was a strip club until the first stripper performed. Aren't there usually visual clues? Jeff worked there uncomfortably for a couple of months before finding a job he liked a little more at the ski hill. Yeah, right, Jeff. Yeah right. We're both laughing right now as we talk about this story. He wants me to add that it was only a strip club twice a day, at 11AM and 7PM and that a rival bar across the street would bring in male strippers once or twice a year. To the best of my knowledge he never worked there.

And now a couple of apt videos:

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