happy valentine's day!

I have had quite the busy day. This morning I totally turned my alarm off instead of hitting the snooze button (which I generally make use of about ten times every morning) and was late getting into studio. My friend Sara and I are working on the re-design of a Burnaby elementary schoolyard. We're trying to get it done this week, but we kind of worked in slow motion for most of the day. Even though I don't have class, I did find myself back at school today wishing for freedom, despite the fact that our project is kind of awesome and we spent a good part of our time colouring.

As you probably know, I also listed some new Cave Explorers today. One is already headed off to live in my adopted hometown, Calgary. I hope he has a wonderful life full of adventures there! There are still two more in the shop, including my favourite of the batch. In further Sadie news, a pair of my baltic birch earrings were featured in the Etsy Finds newsletter today. I'm pretty excited about that, because I haven't been featured before. 

sycamore street press valentine
I thought that I would share some Valentine's love with you all, too. Above is the card that I got for Jeff this year. I like to make things for him, too, but this was just way too awesome to pass up. I want a second dog and I want it to be a Frenchie, just like Martha Stewart. Below is a photo of the amazing necklace that Jeff made for me and it's basically my new favourite thing. He used a vintage bar chain and filigree pendant, which has a beautiful purple sugalite stone inside. I'm very excited that Jeff made this for me and I'm going to wear it all the time. We aren't really into Valentine's Day, but we're making a nice dinner tonight and relaxing in our newly cleaned apartment! I love days off. Not only can I see the floor now, the dog has had a bath and we have groceries in the fridge. We were pretty productive this weekend. 

How about some CanCon to round out this post? For those of you who don't live in Canada, it might be worth mentioning that Canadian radio stations have to play a certain percentage of official Canadian music in order to keep their license. Well, this counts, so here's the Sadie CanCon for the day:

This one is for you, Jeff, and you, Jill R. You know you love it! Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!


  1. What a sweet valentine treat for me! You know I'm singing into a remote control....trying to hit those high notes....
    Happy Valentine's Day to you and Jeff!

  2. that necklace is gorgeous! happy valentines day to both of you :)

  3. CONGRATS on the feature though i find it hard to believe that you were never featured before! this is only the beginning for sure ;)

    so not only are you talented, but your soon-to-be husband is as well. i love the necklace he made for you and can't imagine the moment you were given it... special indeed!

    i'm so glad you had a magical heart day! and now i'm jamming to the tune. xo

  4. I HATE when I accidentally turn off the alarm. Well, actually I love it but I hate that it makes me late. There we go. :)
    He made that necklace for you?? Holy heck! He's got some mad skills.

  5. magic man is one of my favorite songs, not sure what it is about it, but it's so pretty and whimsical almost.

    i love sycamore street press cards, they're so cute and the letterpress work they do is so legit.

    LOVE the necklace jeff made for you! it's so GORGEOUS!


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