my messy desk

Since I'm stuck at school on a Sunday morning (well, afternoon really) I thought I'd share a few of the things that I keep at my desk as inspiration. First of all, my desk is a disaster zone, but if it isn't it's because I either a) haven't been working or b) have just cleaned it up because it has finally gotten to a point where the mess is preventing me from working. So, as you can see from this gross picture, messy desk = I've been doing something. Not sure how useful those things I've been doing will prove to be, but I've been doing them nonetheless. Oh, I should also mention that this is my school desk, not the desk I make jewelry at. That would be my dining room table at home.

First, I have this awesome vintage bird cut out that my friend Rebecka gave to me. I think she might have given everyone in our class one while she was here on exchange. Studio just hasn't been the same without her, and neither was the legion last night! I'm really hoping to meet up with her again in Sweden some day soon.

Second, a spirograph drawing that Jeff made for me. Remember spirographs? Turns out that the occasional awesome dollar store (or, here in Vancouver, Yokoyaya123) still has these things kicking around. 

Now, this last thing is just ridiculous. My friend Mary sent me this porcelain cat face, obviously painted by an amateur, likely a child, that she found. With the help of my friend Lara I added gemstone eyes. What really makes this thing an inspiration for my design work is the note Mary included. You can read it for yourself above. So true.

Incidentally, those of us who are in studio today witnessed quite a dramatic break-up then reconciliation outside of our building this morning. Two pretty young people doing some screaming, crying, hugging, and making out. They walked away together but it looked like they might have rough times ahead. Good luck to them! Also glad that they moved their drama to somewhere other than right outside my window. Now back to work...


  1. working on a sunday is depressing isn't it?

    glad you have gems to make your desk a happier place--i'm giggling at that art gem of a cat ;) i love sweet sentiments behind things.

    oh young love... once upon a time :)

  2. i love seeing your studio space and desk. right now i feel this was just the inspiration i was looking for too:) lately i've been kind of daydreaming of being in a work environment with people around doing the same thing. isn't it more motivating that way? it's something i miss being at school. i'm actually trying to find some artists' space/workshops around my area, to try and work around other artists. i loved this! thank you for sharing:D

    it's tough to be at studio working on sunday, but i hope you're feeling fine and inspired today dear! don't peer too much outside of your window at the west coast ocean and nude beach;)

  3. the cat face is hilarious, but i think the note with it is even better! i love when you can take something completey ridiculous and make it into something completely serious.

    i remember spirographs! i think about mine every now and then and wonder what ever happened to it; it's probably in a thrift store somewhere.

  4. i love messy desks :) especially when you find things you havent seen for soooo long!!

  5. good idea to turn a boring sunday task into a blog post! now i have to work... i hope you've been freed.

  6. I love that cat!
    Can't stand hearing arguments...so many things happen. You put yourself in the same place, you see it as an annoyed bystander, and then you imagine their future.
    You should photograph your kitchen table when you are making pieces. I love seeing other artists' spaces!

  7. Wow! I had no idea other people would find my Sunday working and messy desk inspiring! Awesome, you guys made my work day a lot happier. Thanks for all of your comments!

    By the way...perfect end to any Sunday work day: Dirty Dancing!!! (The movie, though the dancing would probably be pretty fun, too.)

  8. Oh, and I know Mary would be so happy about how many people loved that cat face. It's so ugly in person! But really, that attention to detail is something we could all do more of. :)

  9. I really love seeing your work space! Seeing where your inspiration comes from lol. I had to work sunday as well boo!

  10. Hi there!! That bird was very special, for a special friend! I'm glad that it's still with you, I have some on my wall aswell! So readingbreak is there for you, you are lucky and I can't wait for the cave explorers. I think it is time for me to support sadie designs now after all that talking... I just got my money and I'm prepared!

    I would love to read your thesis sarah, I'm in the process of deciding what to do, but i think i will begin for real in august (maybe on american/canadian ground) so I guess we cant have our graduation party at the same time. But a swedish visit one day is a must!

    take care Sarah and I wish you a happy break!

    ps. Could I please have your new adress so that I can send you some swedish postcards?

  11. ps2. I have seen worse messiness..


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