amethyst core samples

I'm planning a big Sadie shop update over the February reading break (the 14th to 20th) and thought I'd give you a little sneak peek at some of the items that will be available. These gold dipped amethyst core samples will be among the new crystal pieces that I'm going to post. I also have some new Cave Explorers, which I'll share a day or two before I put them in the shop.

Amethyst is one of my favourite stones, perhaps because I think it was the first stone that I was ever given. My parents gave me an amethyst ring when I "graduated" from preschool. I lost that ring in a brook on my grandmother's farm, but my mom actually miraculously found it the next day in the water! I love how each core sample is really unique and tells a story about different geological conditions that formed the colour bands and crystal structures. These gold-dipped pendants will be in the shop soon!


  1. Wow, these are so beautiful! I collected amethyst as a child -- I feel like they have some magic purple powers!!!

    Looking forward to the shop update! xo

  2. i just finished looking in your shop to see if you'd added anything, then i saw your link on twitter and couldn't wait to see what you'd been working on! i know i'm on a shopping lock down right now, but i've seriously been wanting/needing a cave explorer necklace, and now thanks to this post, one of the amethyst core necklaces! hmmm, i can't decide! i'm definitely checking back once you're on your break and doing some updating!

    i've always really like amethyst, too. i know it's not a super precious stone, but it's just so pretty, and that's all that concerns me!

  3. these stones are so pretty! i can't wait to see what else you have in store for us;)

  4. these are stunning! can't wait to see what else you have in store :)

  5. i will be first in line for this! so beautiful!

  6. not if i beat you to it stephanie ;)

    gorgeous sarah, really.

    ps. <3 thank you for your email. *hugs

  7. Wow these are so beautiful! I would like one as well. :)

  8. Kait: Magic purple powers! I hope so! You know what would be great? Amethyst coloured macaroons!

    Danielle: Thank you for such a lovely comment! I hope you find a Cave Explorer you love some day soon. And, of course, I LOVE everything that you make, too.

    Gale: I've definitely got a bunch of new stuff. I hope I have time to post it all over the break!

    Brandi: Thank you!

    Stephanie: I'm so glad you like these pieces. Thank you!

    Micaela: Thanks, Micaela. I've really been enjoying getting to know you!

    Love at 1st Blush: Thank you! I have silver ones, too. They're all so different from one another. :)

  9. These are so stunning! I cant wait until they are up!

    <3 Sarah

  10. Sarah: Thank you, from one Sarah to another!


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