five friday favourites

To introduce this week's five favourites I have just one thing to say: I wish it was summer.

pyramid stud earrings by everydayoreternal
espadrilles by simply espadrilles
vintage locket cuff bracelet by fawninginlove
a place to put your things by sammade
sheer safari dress from clever nettle
And, don't forget, today is the last day to enter the Sadie Designs Getting to Know You Giveaway. I'll be picking a winner at random tomorrow and posting the results this weekend.

My post about my favourite city, Halifax, will be on Yuppie Love tomorrow. Check it out!


  1. what an amazing list. you made me wish for summer right about now too! especially with that vintage locket cuff bracelet...swoon. i am a sucker for certain things and lockets are one of them! also, i think you should purchase that pretty dress for yourself sarah! the sleeves, pockets, collar are perfect.

    i did a bit of retail therapy shopping this morning lol. haven't done that in a while but it felt SO good!

  2. Great finds! I love the bracelet :)

  3. That pencil case is so rad. Good choice!

  4. I love this list. Especially the pyramid earrings...
    you have lovely taste:)

  5. These are all wonderful finds!
    Thank you for including my vintage locket in your blog post.

    Have a fantastic weekend!!

  6. i love that pencil bag :) its so cute! have a great weekend!x

  7. great round up! i love those earrings.

  8. Such pretty choices! I especially love the vintage locket cuff- love it!!

  9. Alexandra: Me, too! Sam's stuff is great!

    Gale: I totally went downtown and went shopping this AM. I used the excuse of needing work clothes when I begin my job search soon!

    Oddity: Yes, I love that bracelet, too. AND the more expensive Victorian versions, too.

    Kittenrocket: Thanks!

    Carla: Thank you! Those earrings are so affordable, I keep going to buy them and then pulling myself back from the edge!

    Alycia: Thank you!

    Fawning: You're welcome! It's a popular piece.

    Nadiine: Glad you like it! You have a great weekend, too!

    Katie: Thank you! So happy you found something you liked in this list, too!

    Kary: Thanks!

  10. The safari dress looks so cool and comfortable. Nice finds Sarah!


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