the miriam necklace

My mom was an early supporter of my ventures with Sadie Designs. She may have been the first person who bought one of my pieces and has definitely sent her friends my way, too, to fulfill their jewelry needs. I'm naming this new necklace after my mom (her middle name is "Miriam") because she had a hand in its making.

You know what's kind of funny? No matter how many times I tell myself I have to take a jewelry break and just worry about school I still find myself making pieces for Sadie. Late at night when Jeff is already sleeping I dig out my supplies and see what I can come up with. I love the hands-on aspect of jewelry making: the rearranging, taking apart, putting back together aspect of it all. What do you like to make? Leave me a link if you have pictures or a shop to share. Happy Saturday!

the miriam necklace 1

Oh, and I also have a guest post over at Yuppie Love today about my favourite city!


  1. gorgeous! i especially love the support of your Mom and it just goes to show mom's always know what's best-- i'm loving the design!

    off to check out your guest post- i've been excited to check it out since you first mentioned it.

  2. this necklace is really great! i really like the asymmetry of it. and its nice to hear a bit of your creative story!

  3. I Miriam necklace- so pretty! - love it! And it's even more special because you named it after your mamma!!

    I am so happy to hear i'm not the only one to be afraid of underwater ;) phew what a relief. Here I thought something was wrong with me - Ha!
    Oh and the jellyfish print, Miguelito is lucky I choose it for him otherwise - nope! Even though it is very pretty ;)

    I have been staying of my ankle, but it's still all swollen ;( and yes Voltaren is awesome.

    Have a great weekend love ;)

    Kary xo

  4. Oh i am in LOVE with this necklace. I think it might be one of my favorite pieces from you!

  5. SisterBatik: Thank you!

    Micaela: Thanks for your lovely comment! This is definitely my new favourite necklace. I never take mine off! Posting on Yuppie Love was fun, I'm glad you checked it out!

    Katie: Thanks. This necklaces is made for two different vintage pieces plus the bits I picked out with my mom. :)

    Kary: My mom definitely deserves to have a necklace named after her! I hope you feel better soon!

    Jihee: Yay! Thank you!

  6. i love this! i think i need one. it's even more sweet because of it's backstory.

  7. like i've said before about your work, and this necklace; YOU ARE SO TALENTED. and you always provide such wonderful inspiration. <3

    i love that you named this necklace after your mother. just love it.


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