weekend worship

Saturday was altogether awesome: supermoon, laser tag, pizza and ice cream cake and cupcake birthday party for my friend Becky, and a great thrift store run. I had no idea what to expect at laser tag. I though we would be running around in a dark warehouse with little kids and that I would be the worst at it. Well, that's pretty much what it was, except add in the fact that it's totally awesome, too. The space that you play in was pretty much a huge maze, with windows and walls, ramps, and lookout points.

Game one I did awful. I didn't even know how to shoot people and was getting hit from every freakin' direction. Had it not been for the brief stalking that I did of my friend Mark I may have finished with negative points. Garme two required a change of strategy. I teamed up with Jeff (that's him on the skateboard) and we started at a highpoint where we just picked off huge groups of people for maybe five minutes. At one point we noticed there were about 20 lasers scanning our area looking for us. We were unpopular but also shooting everyone!

We executed a pretty awesome raid (which failed, but was fun anyway) and I repeatedly hit a guy who later turned out to be at the same party as us, which was a bit awkward because I was sort of driving him crazy, I think. Anyway, you can see from the scoreboard below that I came in second overall. That's me, N. Scratt, a variation on my bowling name. Jeff is Dr. Dude. He had 3% accuracy, that might have been part of his problem. What a fun way to celebrate my friend Becky's birthday! I'm so glad she organized this for everyone!

On our way home Jeff and I stopped at a thrift store that we hadn't been to in years, like, maybe since the last time we lived in Vancouver 2002. We remembered the basement box land full of messed up junk and saw a sign that pointed us in the direction of the "bargain nook" or something to that extent. Downstairs we encountered the same scene we'd been faced with so many years ago: crazy people digging through even crazier stuff. We happened to be down there when a new load of boxes was added to the pile. Jeff said he saw a woman find a knife that she liked and start digging through everything with the knife! Woah! We scored some great stuff, which I'll share in a later post. Until then, I'll let this snowy owl magnet give you an idea of both the randomness and the awesomeness the brave will find in the bargain nook. See that horse bridle sitting on top of the pile? I'm pretty sure that went to a steampunk in a tophat.

Other things:

Destroyer - what an amazing show, go if they're coming to your town!
This Joan Didion Essay On Self-Respect (perfect Sunday reading)
A beautiful bracelet benefitting Japan's animals by Upper Metal Class


  1. Sarah- is this the sally anne on 12th? They have a crazy basement like this... with even crazier people in it!

  2. You know it is! Have you found anything crazy in there yourself?

  3. laser tag is so rad. it's even better when you beat all the annoying little kids and the grown ups who take it way too seriously :p

    i'm having thriting withdrawls. i like your snowy owl magnet!

  4. ugh, sorry it's been so long since i've commented :( anyway, i'm catching up now, and i'm so jealous of your laser tag games! i'm really bad, too, but in my defense, the little kids play for blood! it's probably been 10 years since i played last, but now you make me want to go again!

    i can't wait to see more of your thrift store trip! i went the other day and didn't have much luck, but it was pretty exhilarating since it had been so long!

  5. sarah, this is my favorite blog post you've ever written. it sounds exactly as if you were talking to me. you have perfect captured your amazing, wry sense of humour in the blogosphere (whatever that is). bravo.

  6. Oh man, you made me want to play laser tag. I haven't been since early high school, I guess. Fun! (Ben is laughing at me now). Which thrift store is this? I used to go to Value Village on Hastings a lot and have gone to one on the North Shore... I googled 12th but it came up with 2. I need to do more treasure hunting, it's great fun :)

  7. You guys are all so awesome! And you should all go play laser tag, too! This thrift store is the one on 12th Ave in Vancouver just east of Main Street. It's crazy.


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