these days...

Things that are making me happy these days...

More daylight.
Nicer days.
Longer walks.
Flowers everywhere.
New supplies.
Six weeks left of school.
Destroyer tonight.


  1. I like the light as well, despite not having liked giving up an hour last weekend. And I, too, am excited for summer, although we have more like 9 weeks of school left here.

  2. only SIX WEEKS LEFT!!! whooo!!!

    i'm playing this song while i cook us dinner (TACO NIGHT!! we love our tacos!!!) and though i'm not celebrating st. pat's per say-- i did get us BECKS light to enjoy (green bottles!)

    btw- i can't get over how much i LOVE your jasper stone & fan necklace. SWOON!!!

    i have an angel jewelry dish just like the one above ;)

    happy thursday xoxo

  3. For having such a great blog I'm giving you the Stylish Blog Award!

    For explanation check out my blog. :)


    Have a great day!

  4. hope the 6 weeks fly for you girl! with amazing end results. you should be so proud of all you've accomplished, major kudos! i saw some blooms today too, can't wait for the spring to happen in full force though. cheers to a wondrous weekend. ♥

    pea ess: nice what you're doing for Japan relief, regarding your last post. xo

  5. It's so nice to have more daylight in the evenings! I can't wait for the flowers to start blooming here.
    Good luck with your last six weeks!

  6. wow, that second picture is GORGEOUS! i feel like i say that in every comment i leave you, but sarah, i'm telling you, you make magic with your camera!


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