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Welcome, dear readers, to another instalment of a day in the life... This week I am very excited to share with you a glimpse of my friend Kait's life. Kait has a fun and inspiring blog of her own, yuppie love, and is a writer and preserve-maker extraordinaire. I'm always super inspired by all of the domestic bliss she creates and I wish we lived in the same city so I could visit her when she's selling her homemade wares at local markets. Let's go!

I usually wake up around 6:15am, stirred gently by my tired husband, Byron as he leaves for work.  I feel bad that he has to go to work while I am still in bed, so I often get up shortly after he leaves out of complete sympathy.  I also make sure to create delicious breakfasts for him on weekends to carry on that theme into the next week. 

I wish I had time for epic breakfasts like these chocolate chip peach-covered waffles everyday but I am usually only able to down a home-made banana breakfast shake before I hop out the door.  

I love my short but interesting walk to work.  It’s eclectic and different everyday.  Walking down First Street SW is so inspiring to me each morning; the mix of beautiful heritage buildings and the sleek coloured glass condos, combined with the delicious variety of coffee shops, pubs, and restaurants makes for an easy window-shopping jaunt to the office.

I work for the Cantos Music Foundation and the soon-to-be-built National Music Centre.  We share a sturdy brick heritage building with an architecture firm -- they hung these gorgeous plexi banners in the atrium of our building.  I love the way they contrast with the antique wrought iron and marble walls. 

Music is such an integral part of my life and that’s why my position in Marketing at the National Music Centre feels like a dream job.  I spend my days working on communication tools, social media wizardry, video, and design  -- it is ever-varying and I love it.  A diverse team of musicians and non-musicians – I get to work with an incredibly inspiring group of people and endless array of musical events to pick and choose from.  Not to mention the amazing collection of instruments that will fill the museum aspect of the forthcoming Music Centre.  Seriously, anyone into synthesizers must check it out. 

By the end of the work day, I can’t wait to go home and see Byron and make dinner.  Of course, on my walk home I pass some of my favourite landmarks, including this one with a newly updated colour scheme. 

I love to cook, bake, and make preserves, so naturally dinner time is experiment time.  This day I happened to make spicy thai subs with gluten-free buns.  Absolutely delicious and it was all ingredients we already had in the fridge.  However, if I am out of food we’ll try to head to the Kingsland Farmer’s Market right after work to stock up on fresh produce, gluten-free pastas, and sometimes fudge!

After dinner, I usually get settled in front of my iMac to start my second job: freelance writing and a bit of blogging.  As you can see by the screen cap my mind works like a whirlwind and I like to have lots of projects and inspiration open at once.  Somehow I get it all done and settle in for the night listening to the sweet banjo tunes played by Byron.  

I have really been enjoying this series and I hope you have, too. I love the diversity of people and places and days that have been showcased so far and promise you lots more posts from amazing people in the future. I have found everyone's post so inspiring and it certainly hasn't alleviated my wanderlust. Next week we'll spend a day with Micaela from dolce vita, someone that I discover I have more in common with every day. I can't wait to see what she shares! Thank you, Kait, for a great post this week! Be sure to stop by yuppie love and see all of the wonderful things that Kait makes and does.


  1. This post was really interesting. I'd heard about Cantos before and their collection of instruments, but I've never gone to see them. Now I'll have to go and visit the National Music Centre. Thanks Kait.

  2. Her job sounds amazing!!! one thing i wish i knew more about was video/web design. i am always in awe of those who can cook, who have that inner domestic goddess in them... i'm still trying to find mine in vain ;)

    i am LOVING this series and so honored to be apart of it... i'm nervous for my little post... i hope i don't bore your readers with my day ;) fingers crossed! xoxo (as nervous as i am, what you said about us... touched my heart! thank you!)

  3. what a lovely life you live Kait. I agree, great series too.

  4. Oh my, Kait's spicy Thai sub sounds amazing!! & if that sandwich up there is it, I'm drooling. I love that her days are surrounded by music from her day job to lullabies by her sweet banjo playing husband! Awesome feature Sarah. I'm going to check out Yuppie Love now:)

  5. I'm pretty sure that Kait has one of the more delicious lives of anyone I know! Thanks so much for this great post, Kait!


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