taking care of business giveaway winner!

Thanks to everyone who entered the Sadie giveaway! I discovered some great new music through all of the links that you left and rediscovered some old favourites, too. Much appreciated! And now, the winner of the giveaway, chosen at random, is Lindsay! Congrats!

Here's one of the songs that Lindsay recommended for getting things done:

I just wanted to thank everyone who's extended wishes of good luck and asked about my school project. I've completed the biggest and toughest phase of the project with a presentation called "substantials" (how daunting) last week and now I have two weeks to complete my work and pull it together for the final public presentation. A lot of people have been asking what I'm working on. Well, the short story is that I'm in the last weeks of my Masters of Landscape Architecture degree and my graduate project involves retrofitting a suburban neighbourhood to make it more walkable. The emphasis of my project is on improving biodiversity and human enjoyment of the landscape and that's all I'll bore you with for now. Perhaps I'll share an image or two of my design when this is all over, but for now I just wanted to thank everyone who's helped me out and made this easier.

On that note, the Sadie Etsy shop will be closed from Thursday, April 14 until May 5th to give me time to finish up my school work and get new summer Sadie pieces ready to share with you. I have some exciting things planned for this summer (in life and on the blog). In the meantime, stay tuned for some really awesome day in the life posts and more! I can't wait to ditch this winter-y banner for something brighter come May. Spring! Summer! The best time of year is just ahead of us. Two weeks, people, two weeks.

Here's the getting work done song that I can't live without right now (can't vouch for this video, though...but you really should listen to this song):

P.S. Are any of you big readers?


  1. HOOORAY! So happy to hear what you've done! Best of luck these upcoming weeks Sarah. I do hope you share some images of your final design. Also I'm very much LOVING your new Sadie pieces and cannot wait for what else you have in store:) You are a woman of many talents. Take care!

    p.s. Emailing you something come Monday. Sorry it can't be any sooner, but tomorrow is the day (I'm excited!)

  2. I'm loving that second song!

  3. I used to read a TON but haven't lately. It's a habit I need to re-form, I guess. I read a lot on trips usually, but haven't got back into the habit of reading at home...

  4. If that's what you were asking? Haha.

  5. That's totally what I was asking. I realized later it was a bit ambiguous. We're starting on online book club this spring. :)


    and loved the songs. yes! i'm a big reader though it seems as of late i haven't been reading as much as i would like. i'm still looking for the one you recommended -- it might be my next one as i've finished my latest. :) online book club? count me in!!!

  7. Hope these next couple of weeks go smoothly! Spring is right around the corner, indeed!

    I'm definitely a reader, always wishing for more time to read...it's never enough! I'm just starting in on the The Paris Wife. It's a fictional piece written in the voice of Earnest Hemingways's first wife, Hadley. Can't wait to dive in and read about their time together!

    Loving your blog...and planning on making frequent visits here! :)


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