music for chores on a saturday

This is a portion of the playlist that got me through these last few weeks of insane work. In all honesty, I've listened to each of these songs a lot lately...but I'm still wanting to listen to them today. I hope you like it and that there's some stuff here you haven't heard before, though I can admit, a bunch of this is pretty old. Parental advisory is in effect.


1. 40 Day Dream: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
2. Bonafide Lovin' (Tough Guys): Chromeo
3. Did Ya Say That: GZA
4. Congratulations: MGMT
5. Baby's Arms: Kurt Vile
6. Drover: Bill Callahan
7. Wildcat: Ratatat
8. Dreamland EP (marimba and shit drums) Moonface

FYI: Jill, this pretty much is the mix I was talking about. Camilla: Moonface is always on at my house right now.

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